PKS Screen Printing was founded in 2007 with a modest investment of $2000. We have made careful use of every last penny we had and, to this day, understand the importance of frugality as a virtue. We are committed to providing nicely discounted t-shirt printing to our customers.

Custom Silk Screen Printing in Miami – Get Your T-Shirt Printed With Your Favorite Designs in

Custom Silk Screen Printing in Miami

If you are looking for a highly efficient custom screen printing service in Miami, you have come to the right place. Silk screen printing provides a perfect color replica with modern methods. The printouts obtained are resistant to numerous washing methods, which can otherwise ruin the quality of the print.

Since its inception in 2007 with a relatively meek investment of $2000, PKS Screen Printing has utilized its resources to get the best out of custom screen printing techniques to help you get your favorite designs printed on your t-shirts.

The process includes using a blocking template to make certain spots on your t-shirt impermeable. The process also involves a mesh for transferring ink to a substrate, which is an important part of silk screen printing.

A normal blade or a rubber blade is then used to fill in the open gaps with the preferred color of ink. A reverse caress of the screen results in contact with the substrate for a short time. Due to this, there is sufficient ink on the substrate and the ink is also pulled out of the mesh gaps after the passing of the blades.

The silk screening process is also used as an outline method for imposing a design on various fine mesh screens, such as the polyester screens. The blank spaces are filled with an impervious substance. After the substrate is wet, the fill blade forces the ink to fill in the mesh openings which is then transferred onto the custom screen printing surface to be used.

The process ends with the bouncing back of the screen from the substrate while the ink remains in position. The process prints only one color at a time and for the custom printing of multiple colors, screens can be used together to from multi-colored images and designs according to the customer’s preferences.


High quality printing comes from years of printing experience, use of top-notch inks, and an unwavering commitment to producing well made, long-lasting products. We guarantee our prints will last wash after wash, and that our garments will come free of material defects — or we’ll redo your order from scratch.

With a decade of experience in custom screen printing, PKS Screen Printing guarantees the use of high quality inks to ensure durability in our products. The garments used are free of potential material defects and if in case of a flaw in the product, the whole process is redone to maintain the company’s reputation of being a renowned print screening service provider in Miami.


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